Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was PAJAMA DAY at Kate's school....she has looked forward to this since she went back to school on the 3rd and got her January calender from her teacher. She said today was a great day and that is all...she's not big on talking about school (maybe because we ask her so many questions!).

Today is also the 16th birthday of our precious babysitter, Mary Elizabeth. She lives in our neighborhood and her yard was "flocked" with flamingos to celebrate her big day. Kate thought this was the funniest thing so she had to get out and take her picture with Mary Elizabeth's sign so that I could text the picture to M.E. This girl is the big sister Kate did not have! We are so thankful that we know her and that she will have a driver's license when me move to our new house this summer (crossing our fingers!).

Monday, January 10, 2011

oh yeah...the Jaspers are back!

Let me begin by saying how embarrassed I am that I have let more than a year slip by with blogging. I do plan to go back and post the happenings I can remember between October 2009 and now (but please keep in mind that I have a long line of Alzheimer's in my family, so my memory is scary at times). I cannot believe that we are ALREADY 10 days into 2011. And more than that, I cannot believe that in a little over a month, my sweet girl, Kate, will be FIVE YEARS OLD!!! Time has flown by!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Since we moved to this house 3 years ago, it has snowed every winter and now sweet Kate just expects it. And, since it snowed while we were in the mountains last Christmas, she thinks that snow and Christmas naturally go hand in hand! Well, the day after Christmas, I looked out the window and "to what did my wondering eyes appear, but SNOW"...just the tiniest flakes, but snow just the same. So out Kate and I go to get her "annual" snow picture. You can barely see it but the pictures were worth it snow or not!

This first picture just does something to my heart everytime I look at it! Bliss!

Do you see the tiny snowflakes???

Look at that face!!! The "flairies" were courtesy of Santa!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Kate snuggling Jazzi at Granna and Poppa D's

Barbies Galore!

The pillow pet she's been eyeing for months!

Setting out the milk and cookies for Santa!

Our beautiful girl

Christmas was great this year...Kate was SO into every aspect of Christmas, but I have to tell you that the most precious memory I have this year was this...I had picked Kate up from preschool and she was telling me about her day and that they had gone to Chapel that morning and that Pastor David (She goes to The Weekday Preschool at Christ United Methodist Church) was telling them the Christmas story. She was telling me that there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inn and that they had to stay in a stable. I was adding details to the story and she listened very intently as I drove. She was quiet for a few minutes and then she said, "Mom, tell me everything you know about Jesus." I almost had to stop the car for fear that I was going to wreck from the tears in my eyes. This precious child never ceases to amaze me with her desire to learn about Jesus. I explained to her that Jesus came to be our Hope and that he grew to be a man and taught many about God's love for them and that he died on a cross so that we may all know the Lord and experience eternal Life through Him. I pray that with every passing day, her love for the Lord grows stronger and that no matter what happens in her life that she knows that she has a Savior who paid it all for her.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


We always go to Scott's Aunt Betty's to start the night
Ready to go

Cutest cheeseburger ever!

Months ago, Kate and I started discussing what she would like to be for Halloween. I had her talked into the Cat in the Hat until I tried the makeup on her (black nose/whiskers) and she freaked out, so she decided that she would like to be the cupcake on the front of Pottery Barn Kids. We went online to order the costume and they were SOLD OUT! So we had to go to plan B and I talked her into the spider costume and sold it to her as the Itsy Bitsy Spider which she loved...until the costume came in and she refused to wear it (5 days before Halloween) plan C..."well Kate, what would you like to be now?"..."well, I think I'll be a cheeseburger"....WHAT?? I am stressed out thinking how will I ever pull this off and remember that my sweet friend Robin's little boy Riley had been one the year before and so I start praying that she still has the costume. I text her and beg to borrow it and she was thrilled for us to use it, so instead of anything "girly", Kate was a cheeseburger!!! We trick or treated around the block with our neighbors, one of which was a skeleton which Kate was terrified of!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Kate and her friend Silas

Sliding down the hayslide

Momma's girl!

Scott and I went with Kate on her first field trip today to the Pumpkin fun!!! She had fun on the hayride and playing in the maze with her friends...she cried when she found out that you actually have to go home when it's over!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Tailgating is hard work!

Kate and her daddy

Precious face!

She loves ringing that thing

Dan is our man!

Thank you Lord, for cooler weather! This was the best game yet because it was finally comfortable. Kate had a ball and was obsessed with the Florida Gators...she stayed in this one tent next to us admiring their gator and had to have her picture taken. I must have taken the Gator pics with my phone...will upload on a different post if I find them.